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Working at LI can be both satisfying and rewarding. Our employees benefit from a relaxed and casual environment where they can focus on doing what they do best.

As we constantly change and evolve we are always looking for ways to become the ‘best place to work’ in the industry. Suggestions are always welcomed from existing employees on how we can achieve this.

LI has an environment and culture that promotes and encourages personal development. We are always looking for the very best employees and we aren’t so naïve to think that we can keep hold of them forever. In support of the Company’s rapid expansion, if you haven’t outgrown your role within 18 months and are looking for the next step, we would be concerned about your suitability.

Internally, all LI employees are expected to exhibit uncompromising integrity and work ethics, along with a level of candor and openness. This is ‘key’ in ensuring that we continue to uphold the reputation and respect LI has built over the past years.

Ask any partner of LI and they will tell you that it is our approach to customer management and the fostering of the close working relationship that really sets us apart.

Whether you are looking for a long-term career or a place to gain some invaluable experience before stepping into your dream career, LI can provide a supportive and enjoyable place to achieve this.

Our co-members are selected not on their past experience or achievements, but on their attitude and cultural fit to our business. In addition we need to see that every new co-member has the potential to grow, achieve and contribute.

We are currently building careers across HR Consulting, Accounting and IT. However, if you feel you can contribute in some other way we would very much like to hear from you.

Our current open opportunities are listed below. Clicking on the <Info> button will provide you with a Position Description and you can click <Quick Apply> to register your interest and upload a resume. If you think one of the opportunities is suitable for a colleague or friend you can use the <Refer> button to send them a link to the position.

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