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The criterion for issuing of Work Permits and Employment Passes in Vietnam has become much stricter over the past few years. Many expats find it difficult to apply for a Vietnam work pass.The application process in Vietnam can be tedious if the applicant is not sure of what's to be prepared.

LI is an authorized agent permitted to conduct the applications on behalf of the client. Whilst this does not mean we gain preferential treatment when applications are assessed, it does mean that we are fully compliant and a number of our consultants have undergone specific training with the Vietnam labor office for this specific purpose.

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Work Permit

Who is it for?

  • For manager, executive director, expert or technician


  • The state agencies have to approve in writing on the use of foreign workers
  • Applicant has to possess adequate health condition
  • Applicant has to be able to meet job requirements
  • Being free of criminal records internationally and in Vietnam

Brief overview of application steps

  1. The applicant has to request for the issuance of a work permit from the employer in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs.
  2. The health or medical certificate is to be issued by a competent foreign or Vietnamese health care agency or organization.
  3. Obtain a judicial record or written document confirming the foreign worker is not an offender or being prosecuted for criminal liability issued by the foreign country. A judicial record issued by Vietnam is sufficient if the foreign worker resides in Vietnam.
  4. Produce the proof of professional qualifications and skills of foreign workers or other documents as required by the occupation group, certifying that he/she is a manager, executive, expert or technician
  5. Prepare the certified copy of the applicant’s passport, valid papers or international travel documents, as well as other documents relating to the foreign worker such as the work agreement
  6. The photocopy of the medical certificate, judicial record, proof of foreign worker’s qualifications and skills as well as other foreign worker documents has to be collated with the original copy. Foreign documents have to be translated into Vietnamese and consularized – unless exempted.
  7. Lastly, undergo the notarization of documents.
Work Permit Management