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Are you looking for a way to increase your chances of a successful hire? Or are you looking to understand your team better?

Whether you are looking to assess an individual’s ability, potential, personality, values or motives, LI can advise and recommend the most appropriate tool for you to achieve this. Our Test Administrators are educated at Doctoral and Post-Graduate level in Psychology disciplines and are listed with the Register of Competence with the British Psychological Society.

LI partners Psytech International and distributes the Fifteen Factor Questionnaire (15FQ+), Occupational Personality Profile (OPPro), Values & Motives Inventory (VMI) among others. Psytech also provides, through their GeneSys platform, a number of cognitive tests, such as the General and Graduate Reasoning Tests (GRT) and the Critical Reasoning Test Battery (CRTB2). For more information on Psytech’s portfolio of tools and assessments see their website at www.psytech.com.

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Both criticized and praised the assessment centre can still produce exceptional results if run properly. It isn’t necessarily the quality of the assessment component, but the validity of the assessment centre that determines whether it will predict and help select the desired applicant.

In addition, whether your observers/assessors are professionally trained can make a staggering difference to how successful your selection is.

Assessment & Development Centres are only recommended for those that have tried and tested competencies and competency frameworks. For more information on our Competency and Framework Design Services click on our HR Consulting page.

LI can provide both ‘off the shelf’ and customised exercises and simulations. Talk to us about our training workshops for both Assessment Centre Managers and Designers as well as our short Observer Workshop.

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Occupational Testing