HR & Payroll Auditing

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In the current economic climate it has become even more critical that organisations have efficient and compliant internal systems, processes and policies for managing their most important asset.

Internal systems and processes should be designed in a way that most effectively promotes and supports the overall organisational strategy and goals. Our Executive Consultants have the experience to review these systems and processes to provide you with the comprehensive feedback and guidance that you need to enhance your business. These can include:

  • Recruitment & Selection Process
  • Performance Management Process
  • Compensation Structure
  • HR Compliance

Are you concerned about the reliability and compliance of your payroll and statutory obligations? Payroll processing and statutory fund/tax calculation can be complex and can often lead to incorrect payments, deductions and contributions.

LI’s Payroll & HR Compliance teams are highly trained in complex tax and social security calculation. Allow us to provide you with some assurance, or guidance on your past payroll calculations and statutory returns. We can also provide assistance in retroactive processing and amendments with the local government as well as arbitration to reduce any penalties or settlements on underpayments.

HR & Payroll Auditing