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Without an effective and valid analysis of your needs how can you expect to know whether you are making the right hire? How can you expect to know whether what you are hiring will translate into success for the role and business, or lead to disappointment?

A comprehensive understanding of your HR management needs should always precede an analysis of a specific position and goal setting. Only then will you know what the true objectives are of the position are.

Allow LI to start you off on the right foot through their expertise in analysing and defining what is important in the role and the person you need to fill the role. This can involve an in-depth task analysis with the position’s stakeholders and peers as well as behavioural analyses on an agreed critical task list. Inevitably, this often leads to the calibration of other surrounding roles as clarity increases.

A valid set of competencies are essential to support not only the hiring process in your organisation, but every HR process thereafter.

Using an optimal number of valid competencies as selection criteria can make the difference between selecting someone with proven success doing an average job, and someone with no proven success becoming a star performer.

Using an off-the-shelf system can be a very economical way to get you from A to B, but to have a truly effective, contextually relevant and valid competency framework you need to design your own bespoke system.

LI’s certified competency and framework architects can provide you with the expertise to build or enhance your existing framework.

Are you using a lot of time and resources to manage your internal recruitment?

With LI’s in-depth expertise of professional recruitment and intimate knowledge of the recruitment industry allow us to take this load off your shoulders. From Job Analysis through managing of vendors to providing Employment Contracts, LI provide a holistic solution to your recruitment needs.

Allow us to surprise you with how much money we can save you on your hiring spend.

Internal communication is ‘Key’ to a healthy, collaborative and dynamic workplace. Studies have shown that organisations that focus on improving their internal communication see a visible and positive result on productivity from their efforts.

LI have established and successful processes and tools to support and enhance internal communication. Whether it is internal announcements, setting and scheduling of more regular meetings, implementation of internal messaging systems or a monthly/quarterly newsletter, let us support your organisation and help it grow to the next level through effective cooperation and collaboration of your most valuable asset.

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