HR Advisory Bureau

Whether you benefit from our Advisory Bureau, as part of a monthly contract, or as part of our Managed Payroll Services, our Consultants are here to provide you with 'local advice'.

Many of our Consultants hold certification and qualification with local governments, including labour departments and tax departments. You can expect us to provide you with both ‘legally required’ solutions and ‘minimum requirements’ as well as what is typically done in the country your concern pertains to. We provide ‘best practice’ solutions.

These services are offered in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam

Let us help you stay compliant.

Having well written contracts and employee handbooks can not only increase your employees’ awareness of their obligations, but can also ensure that the protection for both employee and the organisation is maximised.

Requirements and legislation differs greatly in each country, so be sure you are not exposing yourself legally - use our HR Documentation preparation service.

Our Employee Handbooks are built through consultation so it is always customized for your organisation. A comprehensive handbook written in such a way that it is both informative and readable, thus enhancing its impact and effectiveness. These can also be provided in dual language in certain countries.

Are you concerned about the current state of your internal employee documentation? Take a look at our service to see how we can help.

As part of our HR Compliance services, we undertake the task of registrations for both employer and employee.

Allow us to take care of your local statutory registrations, including first time tax and social security registration and payment as well as country specific requirements. This can include:

Many of these services are complimentary as part of our payroll outsourcing service.

HR Advisory Service